2018 Convention Dates January 4-7
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Letter from the President

Greetings from your President

Hopefully you had a very successful Fair or Festival in 2017. We have been working diligently preparing for the 2018 Convention. The Convention dates are January 5-7. If you have not registered, please do so as soon as possible.

If you attended your District meeting, you were given copies of the proposed Constitution/By-Law changes. These were also sent out in all the invitations to the District meetings. We will be voting on the proposed changes at a session on Saturday, January 6. Your Board has spent many hours looking over the present Constitution/By-Laws thinking about the future of the INAF. We came to the realization that an eight-year commitment was a long period of time for everyone interested in serving on the Board. The proposed changes now will give individuals the opportunity to serve anywhere from two to eight years. No longer will there be an eight-year required commitment. We feel this opens the door for many more individuals wanting to serve. We have at the same time divided all the Districts into two sections labeled North and South. By having two District Directors, covering the counties will be so much easier and effective. Once again let me stress that this was not an overnight decision. Many hours and conversations were put into these changes. We started the conversations in March and concluded them with a decision in August. Please feel free to contact myself or any Board member if you have questions or concerns.

Your Education Committee met and came up with many exciting sessions for the convention. I am personally excited for all the different opportunities for you to choose from. We tried really hard to have something of interest for everyone.

We will have the Carnival on Friday evening this year and the Showcase on Saturday. The majority of the Saturday acts are new to the Convention! Do not forget that we also have a Saturday Free Stage for those acts that did not get into the Showcases.

This past summer I had the opportunity to visit some of the Fairs and Festivals throughout the state. It was a pleasure to be able to meet many individuals involved in your organizations. I really enjoyed seeing the many great things happening at your Fair or Festival.

I will close by saying it is an honor serving as your President and look forward to seeing everyone at the Convention in January.


David L. Smith

Indiana Association of Fairs
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