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Showcase Information

Show off your talents at the 2024 Convention!

Dear Associate Member,

The Indiana Association of Fairs annual convention will be held January 5-7, 2024. Again, this year the Indiana State Festivals Association will be attending the convention so we hope you will consider participating. During the three-day convention, many of the state’s events’ organizers will be in attendance. They will be working with fellow organizers to identify and book performing acts for their event.

You are receiving this letter because you are a potential act which may be invited to perform in our convention’s entertainment showcase & activities on Friday & Saturday evenings. All acts submitted for the showcase may be considered for the two evenings of performance and as such are eligible for bookings with our county fairs and festivals. The showcase is attended by convention attendees and these events are always an exciting and fun evening of entertainment. You are encouraged to submit the required information and items, so that you and/or your group can be considered for an invitation to perform in the activities.

The following items should be submitted to the showcase committee by November 1, 2023. Acts will be selected on November 5, 2023, with notification by November 10.

Items to submit:

  • Showcase Application - Stage Plot/Sound System Requirements Form
  • Promotional Media: Live Performance Video Tape
  • YouTube or other websites video links are optional
  • Promotional Print Media: A Current Brochure or Picture

The stage, sound and lights will be provided by the INAF. No acts or support staff will be allowed to operate the sound or lights equipment. A consultant can be near the sound engineer if desired during the act’s sound check and performance. All acts are selected by the INAF showcase committee and its decisions are final. An agency can only have up to two (2) acts accepted for the showcase.

Acts which are selected to appear in the 2023 Annual Convention will be notified by November 10, 2023. Any act which is offered a performance time will be required to submit a $250 deposit to be held until the completion of their performance. If an act fails to appear or cancels their accepted performance opportunity, the submitted deposit will be immediately forfeited to the INAF. Checks should be made payable to: INAF.

All required information should be submitted and received by November 1, 2023 to:

Via Email: and


INAF Showcase Committee PO Box 842 Brownsburg, IN 46112

If you have any questions, you may email

2024 Showcase Application

Contact Information

Please indicate your main performance type
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